Common Journey Creations Re-Launches

Aug 12, 2020

Crafting Company Rises To The Occasion to Make Masks

Wilkes-Barre, Aug 12, 2020 ( - As Mentioned Early In The Pandemic:

After thinking that the demand for masks would die down when the states went "green", and they'd be back to making custom craft projects, the team at Common Journey Creations saying they were wrong "would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!"

WNEP was curious enough about what they were doing to interview them. See the interview online at

They're just as busy, and even more excited than ever to make masks for you and your family, friends, acquaintances, and employers. Because of the demand created by the pandemic, they reorganized and evolved. With the improved speed of delivery and streamlining essentially every area in their business, they needed a re-launch!

They have put together a number of collections:

A primary collection of patterns that they've had since day 1;

A limited-edition collection - interesting, engaging, and just "special" patterns;

A COVID-19 collection - a collection of humourous COVID-19 topic cotton fabric to help everyone cope a little easier with some laughter. Some links to visit:

As you can see, their fabric selections are large and diverse! 

They answered the call for all hands on deck to make masks due to the shortage. During the pandemic, they were unemployed and drove around donating materials they had to those that didn't have enough, such as masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and wipes. Once all of their excess supplies were gone, they needed to do something else to help. This is how the concept of making masks came about for them.

They agreed that no matter what, their business had to be based on giving, or giving back. Their intention is to donate 1 facemask for every 5 that they sell. They also intend on donating 10% of their net profits to a great cause. The causes they donate to will be diverse. For example animal shelters, veterans groups, medical care organizations, and others. 

Common Journey Creations was founded in 2017 during difficult times. Founder Jenn Coleman adds "...that we were put into this situation together, and the only way we're getting out, is together". Every one of their successes can be traced back to how others helped them. Co-Founder Aaron Gregory offered that "we're trying to make something that is dark, actually uplifting". Their customer feedback thus far has been amazing and supports each of those concepts. 

Their custom mask products have been delivered to several businesses and other organizations, such as medical facilities, child care centers, rehabilitation clinics, food and beverage companies, municipal offices, and more.  Custom logo and branding services are available as well.  

They are trying to make wearing masks fashionable and appealing, instead of thinking of it as something we "must-do" or a "negative". They will be sending regular updates with their new ideas and collections. They are also working on great gift ideas for the holidays.

You can reach out to Common Journey Creations at

Media Contact

Common Journey Creations

Forty Fort, PA

Source :Common Journey Creations

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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